CompTIA FC0-U51: IT Fundamentals Live Lab

CompTIA FC0-U51: IT Fundamentals Live Lab



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The IT Fundamentals certification is ideal for you if you’re considering a career in IT or if you work in an allied field that requires a broad understanding of IT, like in a sales role at an IT company. CompTIA IT Fundamentals can be a stepping stone to more advanced certifications such as CompTIA A+, and, with specialized experience, CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+.

More IT professionals are getting certified than ever before because IT certifications:
Validate your knowledge and skills
Help you remain competitive and employable
Give you job proficiency more quickly
Show dedication to your career

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals exam helps you learn more about the world of information technology. It focuses on the essential IT skills and knowledge needed by advanced end-users and entry-level IT professionals alike, including:
Identifying and explaining computer components.
Setting up a workstation, including conducting software installations.
Establishing network connectivity.
Identifying compatibility issues and identifying and preventing security risks.
Managing the safety and preventative maintenance of computers.

Module 1 Software
1.1 Course And Instructor Introduction
1.2 Software Operating Systems-Part1
1.3 Software Operating Systems-Part2
1.4 Software Operating Systems-Part3
1.5 Software Operating Systems-Part4
1.6 Software Operating Systems-Part5
1.7 Common File Types-Part1
1.8 Common File Types-Part2
1.9 Software Management Best Practices-Part1
1.10 Software Management Best Practices-Part2
1.11 Alternative Software Technologies
1.12 Basic Software Features And Functions

Module 2 Hardware
2.1 Basic Wired And Wireless Peripherals-Part1
2.2 Basic Wired And Wireless Peripherals-Part2
2.3 Basic Wired And Wireless Peripherals-Part3
2.4 Common Computer Connector Types-Part1
2.5 Common Computer Connector Types-Part2
2.6 Internal Computer Components-Part1
2.7 Internal Computer Components-Part2

Module 3 Security
3.1 Basic Security Threats-Part1
3.2 Basic Security Threats-Part2
3.3 Basic Security Threats-Part3
3.4 Security Best Practices-Part1
3.5 Security Best Practices-Part2
3.6 Web-Browsing Best Practices
3.7 Web-Browsing Best Practices Demo-Part1
3.8 Web-Browsing Best Practices Demo-Part2
3.9 Web-Browsing Best Practices Demo-Part3

Module 4 Networking
4.1 Setup And Configure Basic SOHO Router
4.2 Wireless Router Demo
4.3 Compare And Contrast Cellular Wireless And Wire Data Connections
4.5 Compare And Contrast Different Methods Of Sharing And Storage-Part1
4.6 Compare And Contrast Different Methods Of Sharing And Storage-Part2
4.7 Compare And Contrast Different Methods Of Sharing And Storage-Part3

Module 5 Basic IT Literacy
5.1 Setting Up A Basic Workstation-Part1
5.2 Setting Up A Basic Workstation-Part2
5.3 Setting Up A Basic Workstation Demo-Part1
5.4 Setting Up A Basic Workstation Demo-Part2
5.5 Setting Up A Basic Workstation Demo-Part3
5.6 Basic Methods Of Navigating An Operating System-Part1
5.7 Basic Methods Of Navigating An Operating System-Part2
5.8 Basic Methods Of Navigating An Operating System Demo-Part1
5.9 Basic Methods Of Navigating An Operating System Demo-Part2
5.10 Basic Support Concepts
5.11 Basic Backup Concepts
5.12 Environmental And Safety Concepts-Part1
5.13 Environmental And Safety Concepts-Part2

Module 6 Course Review
6.1 Software Domain Review
6.2 Hardware Domain Review
6.3 Security Domain Review
6.4 Networking Domain Review
6.5 Basic IT Literacy Review
6.6 Course Review Question
6.7 Test Taking Tips
6.8 Course Outro

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